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Ron Gutman On How to Increase Health Commitment

Ron’s Achievements


Ron Gutman is a serial entrepreneur, investor, inventor, writer, and educator. He has established and supported several successful, non-profit organizations and mission-driven companies that have assisted hundreds of millions of individuals worldwide to live joyously healthier lives. Like a scholar and an advocate of smiling and positivity, Ron presented and wrote a classic TED book and spoke on the impact of Smiling. 


This outstanding Ted Book was converted to 53 languages and seen by millions internationally. The successful Ron Gutman is the establisher and first chief executive officer of the interactive Health firm, Healthapp. While at Health App, he invented and directed the development of HOPES, the primary Health Operating System, Dr.A.I. Which is an artificial intelligence device for symptom triage to care and information, Healthapp SOS.


Ron Gutman explains that this last one is for disaster release, DocNow. This is the primary virtual health application on the Apple Watch, Talk to Docs, Dr. A.I. on Alexa, RateRx and AppRx, among other inventions. Also, Ron Gutman endowed and designed Health App for Good to provide online doctor consultations at no cost to individuals in need.


Ron Gutman’s Life and Education


Healthcare expert and serial entrepreneur co-CEO at Intrivo Ron Gutman is a successful entrepreneur who studied at Stanford University as an advanced student (Goodreads). 

Ron Gutman´s career followed up with success. At Stanford,  the young business leader directed a multidisciplinary squad of faculty and advanced students to research individualized health and techniques to increase health commitment among patients and individuals. The research group involved faculty and scholars from departments around Stanford, causing the formation of a healthy and good engagement platform at the institution of higher education, [email protected], which continues till today.